CURRAHEE Donald R. Burgett

ISBN: 9780345220479

Published: September 12th 1970

Mass Market Paperback

189 pages


CURRAHEE  by  Donald R. Burgett

CURRAHEE by Donald R. Burgett
September 12th 1970 | Mass Market Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 189 pages | ISBN: 9780345220479 | 6.59 Mb

So, how do you rate a war memoir? Literary merit? Hardly.Consider: there are numerous scenes in here that would have been considered over-the-top or unrealistic had you come across them in a fictional setting. Problem is: this really happened (or at least there is no reason to doubt the books claim to authenticity).

No dramatic flourishes here either- its a fact-by-fact, straight as a razor, recounting of events.It is imperative that you read the introduction by Martin Blumenson since it sheds some light on one or two inconsistencies (if youre the nit-picking type), taking into account that the author, as a frontline soldier, wasnt always aware of the bigger picture and is recounting events as he himself remembers them. This is his truth, and what a truth it is!What this book sets out to do, it does exceptionally well. Its a snapshot, from a paratroopers point of view, of those first chaotic hours of the invasion of France.

If ever youve harboured some doubt that war is indeed hell, then this book should set you straight fairly quickly. Its often a harrowing read, especially since the events are (for the most part) depicted rather dispassionately.As an intimate, first hand, account of men at war, I doubt if you could go wrong with this novel. There are some pretty bizarre situations in here, and the mind-set of the airborne soldier in 1944 takes some getting used to, but it was quite literally a case of desperate situations calling for desperate measures.

These were people (boys) who were trained with one purpose in mind: killing! And kill they did (they were referred to by the Germans as the Butchers mit big pockets). Many of them died too. Read this and weep.

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